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Product-related parameters
Product Details

Basic functions:

1) machine control system with programmable control, human-machine interface operation, fully automated production process.

2) unwinding, coating, traction, volume IV received the majority of speed synchronization and imported AC frequency closed loop vector control system; coating device by the anilox coating, embossing, horizontal scraping ink, glue and circulation device leveling rollers and other components.

3) AC motor drives, AC variable frequency closed loop vector control

4) open-top oven, automatic temperature control, air flow can be adjusted according to the process. Initiative guiding roll oven synchronous operation, equipped with air-top oven and penetrating platform. Traction device traction cooled by a double internal thread rollers, auxiliary cooling roll and the main drive system, AC frequency closed loop vector control.

5) flotation tension structure, controlled by a precision pressure regulator.

6) Unwinding and rewinding tension control system driven by an AC motor, encoder, low-friction cylinder and closed loop vector control AC variable frequency drives, tension control program modules, with speed synchronization, tension, taper automatic control.


This machine suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, etc. roll material coating.

The main technical parameters:

Machine Model
Effective width
Mechanical speed
Coating speed
Retractable roll diameter
Total Power
Tension range
  3-25kg flotation tension mechanism controlled by a precision pressure regulator
Coating method
  1. Textured coating (depending on material processes may be)

2. Blade coating
Length of oven
  About 350KG

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